Realitaeten-Bureau Conflict

Different opinions and ideas add
spice to any team

Where people work together, the differences of opinion may evolve which cannot always be solved immediately

Not every difference of opinion is already a conflict. But if different views, different intentions and demands collide destructively, they may put an enormous strain on the working climate.

The problem: conflicts are rarely addressed openly. Most people do no longer speak with each other but merely about each other – and the conflict continues to smolder unrecognized.

We want understanding to develop before conflict. Also here we link individual organisational development and training: In seminars, coaching sessions and intercultural trainings we prepare for instance staff members who are about to work abroad with the cultural frames of reference in the country they will work in.

And if things should not run so smoothly any more, Realitäten Bureau offers your team sound solutions at the interface between practice and science.

The Library of Change - Young People from South East Europe on Their Way to the European Union

current project

During the political turmoil in the early 1990s former Yugoslavia experienced a number of drastic changes: war and civil war shaped a whole generation. Friends and neighbours turned into grim enemies. This change took place within one generation and keeps creating massive generation conflicts: although the youth of today has not experienced the war it is still omnipresent in their families, schools and every-day life. They grow into nationalistic and religious prejudices but still they and the new states are expected to become fit for a membership in the European Union very fast.

The project highlights this area of conflict in a cultural and artistic way: young people from South East Europe collect their very personal impressions, photos, artefacts and symbols of change. They take an artistic look into the cultural and political changes and frictions on the way from a socialist unitarian state to a Europe of Regions.

Realitäten Bureau wants to provide a platform for this collection and document it in an exhibition that throws a very personal spotlight on the changes in South East Europe.


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