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Drug policy

In the field of drug policy our main focus lies in the construction and extension of local drug services and the building of multi-stakeholder cooperations.

Local authorities are increasingly confronted with drug related problems. They experience the resulting social tensions immediately and are demanded to dam up the negative individual and social effects of problematic drug use daily. At the same time all affected persons can enter into a direct dialogue and develop adequate responses together.

Realitäten Bureau supports local stakeholders in interdisciplinary cooperation, development, coordination and implementation of local strategies. Our clients benefit from our long-term practice experience in local drug policy and from our training and guidelines for the building of round tables and action teams which we have developed together with experts from more than 30 cities and projects. The guidelines also contain tools and methods for situation analysis, assessment, and stakeholder identification. In addition we provide a large number of methods for participative and results oriented project planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Make use of our long-term experience and the expertise of our international network of practitioners.

Cannabis Reform in Germany

Realitäten Bureau supported the municipality of Frankfurt in organising the first expert meeting on Cannabis reform held on November 17, 2014. High ranking national and international experts gathered on this day to discuss options of policy reform in the field of Cannabis.

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"Frankfurt Resolution"

conference documentation online

In November 1990, European cities set out to reform drug policy. As one result of the conference, they passed the Frankfurt Resolution. This led to the setting up of the network European Cities on Drug Policy (ECDP), which significantly helped to open up the debate for harm reduction policy.

Realitäten Bureau has compiled the full documentation of the first conference in Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Resolution and other information about ECDP. >>>>