Realitaeten-Bureau Bureau



„Integrated Drug Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation Project in Afghanistan (IDPA) “ – consulting, Monitoring, Evaluation of a GIZ IS (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - International Services) project 2004-2009

„Police Drug Awareness Project“ – assessment, concept, consulting in management, monitoring and evaluation of a GIZ project financed by the German Federal Foreign Office 2004/2005

Needs assessment, planning and support in offer-writing for a hospital partnership in the field of HIV/AIDS between Bamenda Provincial Hospital, Cameroon and Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine, University Hospital Hamburg,Germany - for the German ESTHER-Network 2008

Central Asia
Evaluation of the GIZ-project „Advanced training for medical and technical professionals to work with modern high-technology equipment in Uzbekistan“, January - March 2016

"HIV/AIDS and drug abuse preventing in Central Asia" - assessment and consulting in planning and implementation for GIZ in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan from 2008 - 2014

Fact-Finding mission for GFA Consulting Group in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and support in offer writing, March/April 2013

Consulting and coordination (as subcontractor) for the EU Project „Democracy Cities & Drugs” on integrated and multi-disciplinary cooperations in local drug policies in Europe run by the European Forum for Urban Security 2008-2011

Evaluation of the project "Réduction des risques liés aux consommations de produits psychotropes en Georgie" of Médecins du Monde - together with Julian Poluda, 2012

Project evaluation of the GIZ - Project “Integrated experts in communities worldwide” (IFKW), July - October 2016

Support and translations for an international expert meeting on Cannabis policy in Bielefeld in June 2015 for Integrative Drogenhilfe e.V.

Support in conceptualising and organising an international expert meeting on Cannabis Policy (“Erste Frankfurter Fachtagung zu Cannabis”) for the municipality of Frankfurt, 2014

Expertise on the new use for the old spa and citizen centre of the city of Bad Vilbel with a view to EU project support, 2011

Consultancy to Sozialstation Bornheim (Frankfurt am Main) for an EU-Project "Integration of Eastern European workers into German geriatric care", 2011

„Multi-agency cooperation to enhance services to drug users in New Delhi – project assessment, trainings and consulting for GIZ 2003-2005

„Community oriented drug prevention for children and youth in Bam“ project assessment and consulting for GIZ 2003-2005

„Measures to reduce the demand for illegal drugs in Iran“ – consulting for a GIZ project financed by the German Federal Foreign Office 2003-2004

Assessment for the Global Fund of Methadone Maintenance Treatment services in Kosovo for the Community Development Fund (Kosovo), June 2013 and May 2016.

Independent ex-post evaluation of a GIZ-project for drug control in Laos (1998-2008) for the German consortium Sustainum – Institut für zukunftsfähiges Wirtschaften / Health Focus, October/November 2011

Support for a partnership on Harm Reduction (esp. Substitution) between the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu and the Zentrum für integrierte Suchtforschung at the University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg for the German ESTHER-Network, 2009

Project progress review of the GIZ project "HIV prevention for the high-risk group of injecting drug users (harm reduction)" and new offer (integrating the harm reduction component) for the  GIZ "Health Sector Support Programme (HSSP)", January - April 2014

“Bi-national Family Problems”. consulting for a project of the College of Education at the Saint Louis University, Baguio City, 2004

“Employment under cultural aspects” – consulting for the company "SteinArt" on intercultural collaboration, 2004

Russian Federation
„Cooperation for the Health of the Youth of the Khabarovsk Region“ - project assessment, monitoring and evaluation, assessment, consulting and monitoring for the GIZ BACKUP-Initiative, 2004-2007

Evaluation of the course of the GIZ project "Strengthening of the Structures for Youth Empowerment and Participation" in June 2012 and recommendations for the final project phase

GIZ projects “Conflict Transformation and Youth Empowerment” / "Strengthening of the Structures for Youth Empowerment and Participation" – consulting, monitoring and evaluation, trainings, and support of information visits of Serbian youth in Germany within the project "Welcome to Germany", 2007-2009

Backstopping and ongoing consulting for the GIZ project on HIV prevention and strengthening of institutions in Ukraine (incl. workshops, and study tours), since January 2016

Assessment mission for a new GIZ project on HIV primary prevention (development of a national prevention campaign) and support in offer writing, 2012

"HIV/AIDS Prevention in Eastern Europe" Project progress review of the regional GIZ project in Ukraine, Moldavia and Belarus 2010

Consultancy with UNICEF headquarters (Adolescent Development and Participation Section) in developing a toolbox to support adolescents in emergencies and other low-resource environments - The Adolescent Kit, November 2013 - June 2014

Conferences, Trainings and Workshops

First expert meeting on Cannabis in Frankfurt - advice to the concept and implementation of the meeting on November 17, 2014 to the municipal drug policy coordination office in Frankfurt am Main. Download Flyer (in German)

Harm Reduction for Local Drug Policies - training workshops for drug services and national EuroHRN focal points. On behalf of EuroHRN. Brighton, Paris and Vilnius, September/October 2014. Download Training Report

Sexual and Reproductive Health for people who use drugs - training workshops for service providers to PWUD in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on behalf of GFA Consulting Group, July and September 2014

"Coordinating Youth Policies" - training for GIZ in the Palestinian Territories and training of Trainers in Jericho, November 2012

First conference of the European Harm Reduction Network (EuroHRN): Workshop on "Partnerships with local policy makers", Marseille October 2011 download conference brochure

Conference “Health.Right.Now! HIV Prevention Without Barriers”: facilitation of discussion forum No. 3 “Reducing Harm among Injecting Drug Users – How to Create an Enabling Environment for HIV Prevention” – Berlin, November 2011

IG Metall education and training centre Sprockhövel: Seminars in the world of work: "Arbeitswelt gestern und heute"; "Die Wirtschaft, in der wir leben - Ökonomische Grundkenntnisse"; "Grundlagen der Tarifpolitik"; "Arbeiterbewegung als Lernprozess"; "Gegen den Strom"

"Developing Services for Female Drug Users" - training for Recovering Nepal, Katmandu 2009 and for GIZ in Kiev 2009 and 2010

"Coordinating Youth Policies in Serbia" - training series for GIZ - Belgrade, April and May 2009

"An Integrated Approach to Reducing Drug Related Harm" - training in cooperation with The Change Initiative, Bangkok, November 2008

"HIV/AIDS as a global task for development cooperation" - preparation course for GIZ staff members, 2008-2016

French-German city seminar on integrated local drug policies - in cooperation with the European Forum for Urban Security, Paris, September 27 and 28, 2007

"Strategic Planning in drugs and HIV/AIDS policy"- trainings in cooperation with UNICEF Macedonia, Healthy Options Project Skopje, H.O.P.S. and the Network of Cities on Drug Policy in Macedonia, Skopje, September 2007 and December 2009

"Developing Integrated Local Drug Policy" - training for GIZ - Chittagong, June 2007

“Integrated local drug policies – common goals, new partners, new roles” - training at the annual conference of Danish drug helping services - Copenhagen, March 27, 2007

"Integrierte Kommunale Drogenpolitik: Selbstverwaltung stärken – Drogen in Städten reduzieren" - training of trainers for GIZ - Eschborn, October 2006 and March 2007

„Towards Implementation of a Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Response among Drug Users in the Middle East and North Africa“ - training session at the international event of UNAIDS, UNODC, WHO and GIZ - Cairo, November 5. to 8, 2006

"Youth Health - Desires Without Risks?" - forum at the "Eschborner Fachtage" of the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Eschborn, June 18th, 2003

"Cooperation and Community Consensus" - 3 European workshops on a multi-agency approach towards local drug policies - Frankfurt am Main, Bristol, Leipzig, 2000 and 2001

"The Unintended Consequences of the Drug Wars" - forum discussion (Susanne Schardt, Mathea Falco, Dr. Howard Kornfeld) at the 5th Annual State of the World Forum "Towards a sustainable and compassionate civilization" - San Francisco, October 1-6, 1999

International Cities Conferences of the European Cities on Drug Policy (ECDP) - Frankfurt am Main (1990), Zurich (1991), Bologna (1992), Hamburg (1993), Geneva (1994), Athens (1995), Paris/Montreuil (1997), Halle/Saale (1999)

Research and Education

Fachhochschule Erfurt:

Peter Klös:

SS 2009: "Community Development. Recherchen zur Stadtstruktur"
SS 2008: "Stadt als Vergesellschaftungsform. Die kulturellen Grundlagen der Sozialarbeit"
SS 2007: "Die soziokulturelle Dimension von Räumen und ihre Bedeutung für die soziale Arbeit"
WS 2006/07: "Kommunikation. Grundlagen, Strukturen, ethnologische Perspektiven – interkulturelle Beispiele "
WS 2005/06: "Entwicklungspolitik. Recherchen zu staatlicher und privater Entwicklungszusammenarbeit"

Future workshop with the focus biographies of gainful employment, vision development, and group dynamics. With unemployed people in Erfurt. Within the framework of the federal pilot project "Xenos - Beschäftigung, Bildung und Teilhabe vor Ort – Leben und Arbeiten in Vielfalt", funded by the European Union - October 2007

Research project: „Vom Süden lernen – Empowering the People. Traditionelle Bewältigungsmuster sozialer Krisen und ihre Relevanz für die Zukunft des Sozialen im Lokalen moderner Gesellschaften“ – 2006

European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addictions / Middlesex University, London - Scientific collaboration in the study „Mapping Available European Data on Social Exclusion, Drugs and Minorities Across 15 EU Countries“

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main:
Scientific collaboration in the study "Frankfurt von außen" – at the Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie

Scientific collaboration in the study "Kokain in Frankfurt
- Konsummuster und Verteilerhandel im ‘bürgerlichen’ Milieu" – at the Institut für Sozialpädagogik und Erwachsenenbildung


Susanne Schardt:

Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsinformation, Newsletter „Coaching“:
"Mobbing - werden Sie aktiv" (13/2010)
"Innovativ Führen - Wählen Sie Ihren Führungsstil" (10/2010)
"Mehr Teampotenziale durch gezieltes Projektmanagement" (7/2010)
"Mehr Zufriedenheit – mehr Engagement" (10/2009)
"Brennen Sie jetzt nicht aus!" (09/2009)
"Wie Sie richtig mit Stakeholdern kommunizieren" (7/2008)
"Machen Sie Betroffene zu Beteiligten" (06/2008)
"Schaffen Sie Aktivität bei Boreout" (11/2007)
"Lassen Sie Arbeit nicht zur Sucht werden" (07/2007)
"Im Überblick: So kommunizieren Sie richtig" (02/2007)
"Gehen Sie Konflikten nicht aus dem Weg" (01/2007)
"Welcher 'Zeittyp' sind Sie?" (04/2006)
„Nehmen Sie alkoholgefährdete und –abhängige Mitarbeiter in die Verantwortung“
„Wie Sie ‚dicke Luft’ im Team klären“ (11/2006)

Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft, Praxishandbuch Leiten – Führen – motivieren. Das Handbuch für den Vorgesetzten:
„Sucht am Arbeitsplatz: Nehmen Sie die Suchtgefahr nicht auf die leichte Schulter“ (4/2003)
„Workaholic – So steuern Sie rechtzeitig gegen, damit Arbeit nicht zur Sucht wird“ (2/2004)
„Zeitmanagement/Mañana-Syndrom – Verschieben Sie nicht das auf morgen, was Sie heute besorgen können“ (4/2004)
„Überlastung – So gewinnen Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter neue Energie“ (1/2005)
„Delegieren, loslassen, kontrollieren“ (3/2005)

„Nehmen Sie nicht immer den selben Weg!“ In: Schilling, Heinz und Klös, Peter (Hg.): Kultur als Beruf. Erfahrungen kulturanthropologischer Praxis, Frankfurt 2004

„Communicating Research Findings To Policy-Makers“ In: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction Scientific Monograph Series No 5 - Evaluation: a key tool for improving drug prevention, Luxembourg 2000

„Co-operation and Community Consensus - The Multi-Agency Approach to Effective Local Drug Policies“ (edited by Susanne Schardt), European Cities on Drug Policy, Frankfurt am Main 2001 - download

„By the Way… where is my target group? The Art of Trouble Shooting in Peer-to-peer Drug Abuse Prevention“ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ, Eschborn 2003

Das „Heilige Blatt muss behutsam gewendet werden“ (Susanne Schardt and Christoph Berg) In: Frankfurter Rundschau, 7.1.2006

“Addiction Blocks Development” In: Development and Cooperation 7/2004 download

Peter Klös:

"Schön ist das nicht - aus dem Alltag der ambulanten Pflege", Paolo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2016

"Beruf Planung - Zwischen Engagement und Auftrag", Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2010

"Ich maile, also bin ich", Bürgerplattform MITTEN IM VIERTEL Juni 2010

"Vom Süden lernen? Die Bedeutung traditioneller Bewältigungsmuster von sozialen Krisen und ihre Relevanz für die Sozialarbeit in heterogenen Kulturen", Bürgerplattform MITTEN IM VIERTEL 2007

„Fotografische Kolonialwaren. Wie Fotos mitten in eine Diskussion führen” In: Schilling, Heinz Hg., unter Mitarbeit von Peter Klös: Die Fremden der Deutschen. Fotos eines Wettbewerbs. Exhibition catalogue. Frankfurt 1994

„... es ist alles grenzenlos möglich”, Kokain in Frankfurt - Konsummuster und Verteilerhandel im „bürgerlichen” Milieu, (Peter Klös with Henner Hess and Rafael Behr) In: Forschung Frankfurt: Heft 4/1999

"Fremde bleiben. Wirte und die Welt diesseits und jenseits der Theke"
"Wo kommen wir da hin? Straßen an Hessens Grenze" (Peter Klös and Heinz Schilling)
In: Heinz Schilling (Hg.): Peripherie. Lokale Identitäten und räumliche Orientierung an der Grenze, Frankfurt 2000

"Die Themen suchen mich" In: Schilling, Heinz und Klös, Peter (Hg.): Kultur als Beruf. Erfahrungen kulturanthropologischer Praxis, Frankfurt 2004

"Windy City. Chicago von außen" In: Schilling, Heinz und Klös, Peter (Hg.): Stadt ohne Eigenschaften. Frankfurt Einsichten von außen, Frankfurt 2005

"Stadtpfade - Citytrails" In: Manifesta 4 Guide. Frankfurt and New York 2002

As editor for Paolo Freire Verlag:

Vogt, Dennis: "Der 1. Mai in Frankfurt 1890 - 1914. Ein politisches Ritual". Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2013

Henning, Frank: "Oblomowerei – eine Vorstufe der Sucht? Oder: Die Metamorphose
des Stolz".
Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2013

Klös, Peter/Höfer, Stefan: "Beruf Planung - Zwischen Engagement und Auftrag", Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2010

Schöppner, Michael: "Alexander von Humboldt. Wegbereiter der modernen
. Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2010

Erhardt, Franziska: "Visuelle Welten". Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2010

Schieffer, Julia: "Vertraute Fremde. Migranten im eigenen Land". Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2008

Borch Nitzling, Alexander von der: "(Un)heimliche Heimat. Deutsche Juden nach
1945 zwischen Abkehr und Rückkehr"
. Paulo Freire Verlag Oldenburg 2007

Individual consultation on addiction in the workplace

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Recommended Reading:

This isn't nice! - everyday life in outpatient care

Peter Klös and Bernard Simon

The book opens a window into the reality of mobile outpatient care for the elderly in Germany in the year 2015. It paints 17 portraits of carers and those who are being cared for. This picture is being framed by additional chapters on the context of care in Germany spanning from legal and professional aspects across social recognition to management experiences.

Published in German at Paolo Freire Verlag